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INTERIOR DESIGN – History by Design


“An interior is the natural projection of the soul” – Coco Chanel (1883-1973)


Creating beautiful spaces that reflect the soul of the client and the house.


A house and its owner or inhabitant both have a unique story and a specific style. When creating interiors, it is my aim to reflect both, in a scheme that expresses what I call the soul of the client and the house.


The starting point for the design process is the client’s personal background, style preferences and (often) a specific design brief. The aim is to make this fit the spaces and characteristics present in the architecture of the house. The result is a unique interior that meets the esthetic of the house (either by coordination or contrast) and that is highly personal.

It might sound straightforward, but it is a process and the client’s involvement is essential.


As an interior designer I undeniably have an individual style, but it is your space that we will be recreating together, so therefore I will ask you to give me some insight in what is really ‘you’ as well as to source images that you find beautiful and inspirational.

Equally important is a clear notion of how you plan to use the space – style should always go hand-in-hand with functionality.


After getting to know you and your building’s ‘style and story’, my role as a designer is to formulate a design statement and from there create a scheme and lay-out concept, together with proposals for materials, colours, furniture, finishes, textiles and so on. All will be presented in technical drawings as well as freehand renderings, completed with samples and swatches of paints, wallcoverings, fabrics, hardware etc.


It is not necessarily my aim to design an interior scheme ‘from scratch’. I love to work with or around existing materials, finishes or furniture, or works of art – they can provide an interesting and unique starting point for a decorative scheme. If present, we will ‘shop’ your existing collection of interior furnishings just as much as I will source new or complementary items for the scheme.


With my expertise in interior design – ranging from knowledge about the long history of the field, to planning spaces, to combining material, colours and fabrics – I will bring together your wishes for the space and the building’s special characteristics, while adding to the mix a well thought out and highly appealing use of shape, colour, pattern and texture.

If you have any questions about my design services please contact me.